Does An Author Need a Web Page?

My answer is a resounding YES!  But for years I didn’t have one… many excuses – couldn’t afford one; didn’t have enough technical savvy to produce one myself; only had one book to sell… Mostly, I think I was afraid.  Those of you who know me might find this hard to believe, but its hard to talk about being a writer/author without sounding like you’re bragging.

When I was writing my first book, I would tell people when it was going to be published hoping they would go out an buy it.  Then once it was published, I was afraid no one would buy it;  I was worried at my first book signing that no one would show up – I’m sure you see the pattern.  Fear – it can rob you of so many joys if you let it.

Just this past week I’ve been reading up on marketing your book and one of the ways to get new readers, is to have a web page where they can find your book and more importantly find out about you.  Readers like to feel connected to the authors, and what better way than reading a short bio about you.  Finding out what type of books you read, what your hobbies are and more importantly when that next book is coming out.  The following scenario/excerpt from “The Self Publishing Magazine” really struck home with me:

“A businessman is on the road and notices someone reading a book by an author he has never heard of.  As he is online on his laptop, he decides to check this author out via the Internet. He finds the book for purchase, but no other information about the author. He closes his laptop and goes about his business. Author and book title forgotten!”

When I read this, I thought “this could be my book – I don’t have a web presence!” Right then I decided I had to shake off this fear.  After over two decades as a writer and published author, I have something to brag about.

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So, if you’re a writer, author, or photojournalist – do yourself a favour.  Get your name out there – set up a blog or web presence of some sort so that people can find you.

Talk again soon…

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